November 30, 2016

About Us

pina1_dvpFounded in 2010, Startle is an Impact Innovation Incubator.


Our objective
We create extensive positive impact in less-developed countries through enterprise. We do this by identifying, testing, incubating and scaling innovative products and business models that create wealth, improve health, enhance life[AM1] , and protect the environment. We creatively look for new solutions and promising opportunities. Our team has specific expertise in the renewable energy, agriculture and watsan sectors: this is reflected our ventures.


Our mission
We launch and scale impact-ventures that generate triple-bottom-line returns. Our businesses create positive social, health and environmental impact whilst delivering financial returns to investors.

Social and environmental results are vital to what we do; hence we track this carefully. Financial returns are equally important, to repay investors and attract capital for scaling or replication. We therefore engage with investors and lenders as well as philanthropists.


Our model
Our process starts with an idea for an innovative product or business model – generated internally or brought in from the outside. We then assess, prototype and pilot the concept, often using lean approaches. A business plan is developed for every idea that show sufficient merit – providing social impact investors with a pipeline of investment-ready ventures to scale.