Enterprise solutions to Poverty, Health and Climate Change

Our focus

Startle is an impact innovation incubator that identifies, tests, launches and grows enterprise solutions
in the WatSan, Agriculture and Renewable Energy sectors.

By turning challenges into attractive commercial opportunities, we create scaleable pathways to sustainable growth.
Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Lack of safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene cause much disease worldwide.

In Madagascar, a Startle venture provides safe water through low-cost drilling techniques.

Globally, a new Startle venture sells an innovative handwashing solution especially suitable for refugee situations.

Renewable Energy: solar & solid fuels

Clean & affordable energy is key to sustainable economic development.

Startle is scaling two ventures that produce sustainable charcoal used as a cooking fuel by low-income consumers in Kenya and Madagascar.

A startup in Kenya provides prepaid (solar) electricity to off-grid households.

Agriculture & Food Security

Improvements in agriculture can have large positive impact on food security, poverty and climate change.

Startle is presently undertaking market research into two exciting agri-ventures.


Startle measures its performance against financial as well as social & environmental metrics.
Creating durable impact on health, economic growth & climate change

Startle Ventures have reached millions of people with positive impact impact or poverty-reduction whilst realising huge gains for the environment.


  • Health Impact

    Lives saved and episodes of disease prevented

  • Poverty Reduction

    Our businesses have provided employment to hundreds of people and provided millions in additional incomes.

  • Greenhouse gasses

    Startle ventures have prevented the emissions of tens of thousands tons of CO2.

  • Access to safe drinking water

    Startle ventures have reached 1.5m people with safe drinking water.


Startle was founded in 2010 by experienced social-entrepreneurs Andrew Tanswell and Adriaan Mol.
They are reinforced by experienced teams for each individual venture.
Andrew Tanswell – Founder & CEO
Andrew Tanswell – Founder & CEO
Andrew Tanswell is an award-winning Social Entrepreneur who builds on a strong commercial career in management consultancy and engineering and combines this with experience in the developing world and a passion for lifting people out of poverty and protecting the environment.
Adriaan Mol – Founder & COO
Adriaan Mol – Founder & COO
Adriaan is co-founder of several award-winning social-enterprises including BushProof, renowned for its innovative WASH technologies. Prior to becoming a social-entrepreneur, Adriaan worked for 10 years as an aid professional in top management positions – often running large WASH programmes.

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